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Ok, so here is the deal. You like slashdot? Do you like to be the first person to learn about the latest gadget or hack? Do you want to learn of stories that aren't on slashdot? At this point, I am going to quit asking questions. You should join this community.

All members of the community will also be able to post tech news, however, for the time being, these will be moderated. Below are a list of guidlines (a kind way of saying rules).

1. Posts must NOT already be on Slashdot, posts that are will be deleted
2. Posts must have a link to the article or story in question. Authenticity baby!
3. If there is a picture or graphic that goes well with the article, use it.
4. Be quick. The tech worlds changes in seconds.

Thats it, you can do it (I think).