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April 5th, 2005

Google Satellite with Maps @ 10:38 am

While I was finding some stuff online last night, I was showing my friend Rick google maps. I was just pulling up my address when I saw a little menu in the popup box that said "satellite." Curious, I clicked on it, and wouldn't you know they have now integrated Keyhole with their maps service. And they did a good job on it as well. In some areas, mostly metropolitan, the zoom range is really really close. Much better than that of Microsofts TerraServer, or however you spell it.
I have a screen shot below.
Satelite with map inlay
That is one of the things I like most about it. It has the ability for you to look at a map and put the satellite image in the inlay, or vise versa as I have shown above, with the satellite image and the map in the inlay. Of course if you wanted to, you could do both.

The accuracy of the directions overly is incredibly accurate. More accurate in some places than in others. Around my neck of the woods the line for directions was only off by the smallest of margins.

The user interface is just as intuitave as the regular google maps, but it is a touch slower. I imagine it would be much slower on a dialup connection.

It is a little scary how much information you can see with simple satellite photos. I could see my house, and how much space inbetween it and the neighbors, that is a little too much information. More information than you could get from a map.

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